Tenaya (1997-2009)

After living without a dog for almost nine years, I got Dawn and Tenaya.  Dawn was free and Tenaya cost me less than 200.  Their "issues" were that Dawn was (and is) epileptic and Tenaya ate a couch as a puppy.     That was Halloween of 1998. 

It was these two dogs that got me into mushing.  I started skijoring with them in December of 1999 and still occasionally throw on the skis and ask them to pull.  Usually, they even oblige.

Tenaya’s registered name is “Artika’s Tenaya the Teenage Werewolf.”  She’s never been afraid to give her opinion on anything, though generally it’s that she should be fed more, taken out for another walk, allowed to pull with the team. . . . .you get the picture.  Unfortunately, even though the girls were reasonably athletic for show stock, neither has ever been close to as strong and fast as my racing stock dogs.   Tenaya is definitely disappointed that she can’t be on the team, but a couple extra treats as well as walks with just her, Dawn, and me at least help a little. 

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