I believe that, like art, adventures enrich our society. I like to think that with my writing and talks about my adventures, I bring a bit of excitement and joy to others. I also believe that outdoor adventures, particularly, help us to better see who and what we are. These are the reasons to support numskulls like me doing things like this.

My goal for this coming season is to skijor into the Bob Marshall wilderness and see the Chinese Wall. My goal for 2016 is to skijor the Iditarod Trail from Willow to Nome.

Anyone interested in supporting me, your contributions will be both acknowledged and appreciated. My e-mail address is robloveman@blackfoot.net and my phone is 406.677.3141, if you have any further questions.

One other note:  anybody is welcome to visit my kennel any time I’m around. Give me a call, and we’ll see what we can do.

Thank You!

Rob's 2013-14 Sponsors

Adanac Sleds

Eric and Pam Bloland

Doug and Sigrid Brown

Vincent Fratello

Randall Kostick and Kathy Krusen

Anne-Veronique Midkiff

 Marty and Carol Morris


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